God … are you there?

Can we talk?


You know the big sorrow I had years ago? I know You use everything for good – because I love You – because I’m called to Your purpose (Romans 8:28). And I want to be a good witness for You … but it’s just You and me now and I have a question.


I’ve read my Bible because I know Your Word will not return void but will accomplish everything You want and will achieve Your purpose. I understand by Your grace that Your Word is just like the snow and rain that water the earth, making all things grow … yielding nourishment (Isaiah 55:10 and 11).


I know You love me and forgive me (John 3:16). I know that You left me Your peace – different from the “peace” the world seeks – the peace You give cannot be taken away (John 14:27). I know that even at this very moment Jesus is standing at Your right hand, interceding for me (Romans 8:34) and that because of Him – I will never be condemned (Romans 8:1).


I know that when I get stuck in my prayer life … not understanding what to pray … with things I want to bring to You that I don’t know how to say … stuck in my weakness and lost … I know Your Holy Spirit prays for me. The Spirit prays perfectly and in Your will ... not even needing words (Romans 8:26 and 27).


So to my question … about the big sorrow…

Shouldn’t I have overcome this by Your Spirit?

Shouldn’t I have peace?

Shouldn’t the consequences be at an end by now?

Shouldn’t I have seen the part where You turn it into good?

Shouldn’t reading Your Word have explained this by now?

Shouldn’t Jesus have interceded for me so this hurt could be over?


Sorry … that was a lot of questions … I’ll make it just one:


Why does it still hurt today?


God … are You there?


The answer on Thursday, June 9th in THE ALLEGORY STORY entitled “WOVEN”