Beverly Brooks has seen the sweetness of life. As an introvert who had to learn the way of outgoing living through family, work and discipleship to Christ – it became apparent life needs encouraging words. Equally apparent – the most encouraging words come from the Author of Life.

Likes: In love with God’s Word, my family, teenagers (yes you heard it right – TEENAGERS!), books, creativity, drama (like as in a play), trees, outdoors, the North Woods … yep lots of stuff …

Dislikes: darkness, unkindness, miserliness … well you get the drift.

As a former probation officer and watching from the sidelines as the spouse of a 30-year veteran police officer, she has lived through both the light and dark side of people. But as it turns out – it isn’t about people. Whether on probation or in the church pews – there are spiritual forces of darkness that battle among people. Wisdom reigns when this is realized and acted upon as a spiritual battle instead of a human conflict.

And so … books … blogs … life lived in the battle – trying to shine light in the dark – creating the character of Yashmea who represents our Lord Jesus to the best of the author’s understanding and experience of God’s Word.  Happy reading! And if you find it to be true … Go Tell It!!