I had a really bad day yesterday. From start to finish it just wasn’t my finest hour – in fact I didn’t even have a fine moment until evening but more on that later.


So my attention was turned to what makes a good day and how could I work on a better outcome for today. I decided to look into where it all started … yes … GENESIS.


While I of course can’t be God, I can try to follow in His footsteps. He left some pretty clear imprints on making a day that whispers after sunset -  “It was good.”


1.   In the beginning … His Spirit “hovered”.

Before God began His work of creation it seems He paused a moment. A good day in the making begins with a pause … so this morning I’m pausing first.

2.   God created with order.

Take a look at Genesis chapter one – Each day our Heavenly Father created a piece of the universe … starting with the large and moving to the intricate. Environment for life was tended to … before life was created.

3.   At the end of each day, God looked at what He had done.

Before I scurry to the next task … a moment to look at the completion of my work.

God wasn’t finished with the universe the second day … but He looked over what He had done and called it good … every day.

Raising children, a career, surviving an illness … none of that is finished in a moment … but take time each day to be thankful and feel fulfilled at the progress of the day.

4.   God created both the environment and life to perpetuate with purpose … allowing their differences to distinguish them …

Plants and fruit trees had seeds, according to their kind. And so there was food.

Animals and people bore offspring, according to their kind. And so there was life.

The universe was bathed in light, according to its time. And so day was sorted from night, month from month and year from year.


Do I sometimes forget the differences in people and tasks … that times and seasons exist … that all have purpose … that night must follow day.


5.   God blessed His work.

Do I look at my life each day with blessing? Do I speak critically of what I have done and focus on what I failed to do?

I spent the day in God’s universe under His care … no matter what else happened … the day is blessed.


6.   God rested.

The Lord God finished His work and completed His week by calling it good and resting. The seventh day – the Sabbath.


Do I follow that pattern? Working hard, diligently focused on the work before me … then resting and honoring the Lord … sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Hmmmm


7.   God walked in His garden in the cool of the day looking for companionship, handling problems as they arose.

Ahhh – the fine moment of my day. My friend found me at the park … walking with my grandson … precious companions …



So in the end I went back to the pattern of God … I paused this morning … I sorted the light from dark … I plan to look at things this evening as the sun sets and call it good … blessing this particular day … and putting it gently in the treasury of my life.