MATTHEW 25:14 – 30


The kingdom of heaven in this parable is likened to a man going on a journey. He calls his servants and gives them differing amounts of his property to manage … according to their abilities.  Two earn more for their master in his absence … he is very pleased with them.


But the servant who was given only one talent went off … dug a hole … and hid his master’s money. Upon his master’s return, the servant went into a long explanation of how he knew his master’s character and was afraid. Therefore he made the decision to hide the talent and simply give it back to his master when he returned.


According to my Bible notes – a talent was worth more than $1,000. So back in the day this story was told it is important to realize that even the servant with “only” one talent … had been given a generous portion.


Some points to ponder for today:


1.   All of the riches (talents) that were distributed belonged to the master. That ownership did not transfer, he merely gave his servants the opportunity to manage while he was away. Seize opportunity … not ownership.

2.   The master was careful in his assignment of responsibility … giving each one “according to their abilities”. No one had too much or too little … like in Goldilocks … just right. Never mind what the other guy has or can do, we have been given exactly the right amount for our abilities.

3.   What pleased the master most were the two servants who went out and worked to gain an increase – regardless of it being 5 talents or 2 talents – they got the exact same response from him. He called them faithful, rewarded them, and welcomed them to share his happiness. Work in the world to gain for the kingdom.




         This servant totally misjudged his master’s character and so his response when given one talent to manage … fear.

         In fear he buried what he was given …

         In fear he hid what he was given …

         In fear he missed the whole point of his opportunity to work for his master.

         In fear he held on to what he had been given …  and didn’t do a thing with it.




1 John 4:18 – There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.


God is happy to show us who He is … the Word is clear.

He loves us so much … He sent His only Son … Christ is the way, the truth and the life … no one comes to the Father except through Him.


May we pursue that relationship so that we never have a “one talent response”.


Instead … In love … working for His increase … content with our “talents” … waiting on His words: “Well done – good and faithful servant”.