What do you remember most from the book of Genesis?


Beginnings … order … families …


I started through the Bible again recently, excited to begin this journey anew because each time I find old friends and new truths.


I have always loved the account of God’s creation … from nothing He brought forth the world. For those of you with the gift of administration or wisdom – it has to be thrilling to see the order of the universe. God chose to make the broad brushstrokes of environment before the intricacies of life. Amazing.


For those of us with a creative streak, the sheer imagery of waters separating and land rising; the glimmer of stars and the blaze of sunlight; the dust formed into man and the breath of life from God … the ultimate Creator in action.


Ahhh but then we get to us … mankind. From the start a choice to ignore God’s rule, a path that leads to banishment. But there He is – holding out His hand and making the first clothing – determining from the beginning that redemption would be given. The enemy introduced with the guarantee that his head will be crushed even as he strikes our heel.


It was on a heel-striking day that I entered into the stories of the families and there I stayed for several days remembering …


         Murder is not new.

         God has emotions … grief and pain … love … we affect His heart.

         Rainbows are a sign.

         Some men come forth and live in such a way that God notices them … and blesses those around them.

         There are consequences to looking back.

         Families have always had conflict.

         Jealousy and deception give birth to problems.

         The Lord sometimes moves His people to unfamiliar surroundings.

         It’s better to let God give a solution at the perfect time than to make our own.

         Lying causes problems.

         Too much alcohol leads to undesired consequences.

         The Lord presents Himself to people … what they do with Him determines their future.

         Bad things happen to people … God has the ability to turn things around.

         Life is scary, people can be deceitful, grown children cause pain, parents can make bad choices …

         Rape is not just a modern day crime.

         The Lord can elevate us in a king’s house or in a prison.

         It’s nice to be loved in our imperfect families.

         The Lord blesses those who love him.

         God always keeps His promises.


What about you? What is your takeaway from Genesis?