A while back I was part of a drama team and one of the performances involved making temptation into a character. Obviously we chose a beautiful lady who was a strong Christian.  Beautiful … because temptation looks good. Strong in faith … so the part would cause no spiritual damage.


Don’t kid yourself … playing with temptation is dangerous.

A script can write the defeat of temptation in a drama.

In real life – it isn’t so easy.

But it is simple and anyone can do it … with help from a Friend.


Matthew 4


The first temptation – Jesus is hungry. The enemy’s answer is ready … if you are the Son of God - turn these stones to bread.


Command the good things into your life – you have that power if you really believe. It sounds a lot like some of the extremes of the “prosperity gospel”.

                  The answer – the Word of God is how to live. Jesus is magnificent in answering those who would try to elevate one piece of the Word over the other. Know God … don’t worry about the situation.


Still hungry … Jesus moved on and so did the enemy.


The second temptation – the enemy takes him to the pinnacle of the temple and encourages him to “cast thyself down”. You won’t be harmed … it is written that angels will take care of you.


The enemy knows the Word also … and uses it to his own purpose. It’s how Legalism … the letter of the Law and not the Spirit … reared its ugly head in Jesus’ day as well as ours.


                  The answer – The Word – right back at the enemy. The content and fullness of God’s Word has every answer to life’s rough spots. We don’t have to go throwing ourselves around.


Still hungry and under attack … Jesus and the enemy move to the heart of temptation.


The final temptation – The enemy takes Jesus to a high mountain and shows the kingdoms of the world. All that is needed is to worship him.


“Eat Pray Love”

“The Secret”

Prosperity … health … peace … happiness … the list is endless –


Some good things … but not to be worshipped.

That would be IDOLATRY.


                  The answer – The Word expresses it best … “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve.”


And then angels came to minister to Jesus.