Today is the season 2 opening for BERNIE SAYS SO. The creator of the series is our son, Ryan, but he will be the first to tell you that BERNIE doesn't happen without a whole team.

The team he has assembled for BERNIE SAYS SO involves some absolutely brilliant people, some funny people, some people who have great attention to detail, the list goes on and on.  You wouldn't believe the number of people it takes to pull off a 2 -3 minute web series.

It has been a privilege to participate. This morning when the first episode of season 2 went live ... well I cried. Yep - silly I guess but ... I just felt such joy to have been part of this incredible journey. And let's face it ... I'm mom ... I'm ridiculously proud of our son and the tremendous perseverance he has shown.

So I got to thinking about our Lord. Just wondering how He feels about His team/family when they work together and accomplish His will?

Since I'm made in His image - I have to believe He smiles and His heart is made happy when we all come together and participate with Him in His grand design. 

We had some great times on set making Bernie.

Let's do honor to our Father and participate in this life He has given us ... let's be together with a common goal ... let's recognize each others gifts and at the end of the day ... let's rejoice that we got to be part of God's team.