In Choosing a Battle …

Scripture reference: Deuteronomy 1 – 4


Embedded in this recount of Israel’s history and instruction is a glittering gem of wisdom. It is eternal wisdom. It is always true. Walk with me in the days of the trek toward the Promised Land …


Moses stands before the people reminding them of the Lord and how He has provided for them both judges and justice; geographical direction and promise; guidance and His presence.


The people of Israel have been instructed to pass through some lands and when they do … they are not to bother the people – don’t distress them – don’t meddle with them … because the land they pass through has been given to others.


But soon will come a territory where the Lord God has ordained His people to contend in battle against the people there. The Lord further instructs that He will place the dread of Israel on those people and the Israelites are to begin to possess the land that the Lord has given to them.


The land will be theirs not because the people of Israel are strong or the enemy is weak. Indeed in some places the enemies were towering giants and the cities were fortified to the max. The battle is won and the land is possessed because the Lord has given it into their hands.


Did you notice that glittering stone of wisdom?


Battles … are won when the battle cry is from the Lord.


Sometimes we are to merely walk through a territory with out bothering anyone … because it is not our “Promised Land”.


Are we perhaps exhausting ourselves in fights that are not ordained by God for land that is not ours to possess?


Asking for that which God knows is not our portion?


Moses recounts a poignant exchange where he beseeches the Lord God to allow him to cross and see the Promised Land. The Lord’s response:

         “Let it suffice thee; speak no more unto me of this matter.”


In other words the answer was no. Not because the Lord didn’t love Moses … He loved him greatly.


Moses’ last task for the Lord before his death?


To prepare Joshua … encourage him, strengthen him … for Joshua was to lead the people to their inheritance.


Fighting a battle that we are losing?

Asking for something not ours?


Perhaps the land doesn’t belong to us and the true task is yet to be revealed.


Deuteronomy 4:39 – “Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the Lord He is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath…”