Bible Reference: PSALM 39: 4 – 7


“… let me know how fleeting is my life. “


I’m sitting here in my office surrounded by memories.

         On the walls are paintings and memory boards by former students in youth group and drama ministry. I expected those roles to continue … but a moment ago it was time to move on.

         To my left is a picture my youngest son gave me … encouraging me not to quit writing. An odd role for him to fill as my encourager … the baby I gave birth to … a moment ago. He will be 32 in a couple of weeks.

         On the bookshelf to my right sits a book written by my daughter’s oldest son when he was small. He is now almost six feet tall and midway through high school. My daughter whose chubby little hand I held and walked to school … a moment ago.

         On my desk sits a small sign given by another grandchild “Grandma makes me smile”.  He is the son of my firstborn. But I remember my firstborn as a little guy with scraped knees from the first day on his “big boy” bike … it was only a moment ago.

         There are so many memories around this house - including a giant Tigger from an all Tigger Christmas from my hubby, a Styrofoam cup that a favorite student wrote on, a granddaughter’s Christmas gift of a coffee mug, a huge photo collage to “Grams” from the firstborn granddaughter with all the grandchildren’s pictures, and a purple couch that is over 20 years old- I can’t part with because all the grandchildren sat on it … a moment ago.


         Incredible really … how fleeting this life is.

         A photo sits on my bookshelf of my husband in his younger years as a lieutenant on the police force.

                  A moment ago … I watched as he left to attend the funeral of another lieutenant who was a police officer, husband, father, youth leader, and looking forward to retirement … a moment ago.


         “… let me know how fleeting is my life.”


         Make the most of today… Live this moment before it becomes a memory. Squeeze the juice out of every experience that brings you a smile. Sit at the knee of sorrow as it teaches you the big lessons. Cherish the loved ones in your life right this moment – warts and all.


         And above all – don’t forget the first priority … “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and with all your strength.” It’s how the moments matter.  


Life is a brief opportunity.


Thank You Lord for showing us that our lives are really but a breath. May we breathe with You today.