LONELY … and other lesser offenses

BIBLE REFERENCE: Mark 1:40 – 2:12


Have you ever felt lonely?

Have you felt like people don’t get you?

Have you ever looked around and realized some people in your life were only interested in what you can do for them – not who you are?


Jesus gets that.


A man with leprosy … but fill in the blank with your life … went to Jesus and begged to be made clean. Jesus looked at him and was filled with compassion – yep that’s our Savior.


When Jesus healed the man, that guy was thrilled!! He was completely cured – not a remission – but cured.  But instead of following through on the way Jesus told him to present a witness to others, the cured man went off and handled things his way.


As a result Jesus could no longer enter a town but “stayed outside in lonely places”.

Jesus understands lonely.


When Jesus was finally able to enter Capernaum a few days later, the crowds were unbelievable. Completely full house … a popular guy … but did the crowds press in because of who Jesus was or because of what He could do?


Jesus knew in His spirit what men were like, they had evil thoughts about Him; they followed Him because they had eaten their fill; they desired healing not Him.  Yet Jesus ministered. He spoke the Word. He showed the way to heaven. He taught what God’s laws really meant. He healed everyone who asked.


Jesus knew the people didn’t “get Him” at the moment.  He also knew circumstances were on the horizon that would bring His life – all of it – into the remembrance of the world. Jesus kept walking toward that horizon, rewarding faith along the way.


Jesus told the paralytic whose friends cut through what stood between the man and healing … “Son, your sins are forgiven”. He saw their faith. To the teachers of the law He made sure they understood what He did was connected to who He was.


Jesus experienced it all – loneliness … being misunderstood … being used.


If I have no other friend – I have Jesus.

If I have no other purpose – I am Jesus’ friend.

If no one on earth understands me – One in heaven does.

If people want what I can do –Jesus cares about who I am.


If I can’t see the path – I will follow His gaze to the horizon.