THE ARMOR OF GOD … as the battle rages

How can we fight a battle we don’t see, an enemy we haven’t identified or use unfamiliar weapons?


         THE ENEMY:

                  The enemy is not flesh and blood It isn’t that kind of a battle. We are fighting unseen forces of evil … rulers … authorities …  the powers of this dark world. Take a stand against the devil’s schemes and stop taking potshots at people.



         THE ARMOR OF GOD:

                  TRUTH – not stretched – not added to or subtracted from – a perfectly fitted belt.

                  RIGHTEOUSNESS – the gear that will guard our hearts – issued by Jesus Christ

                  READINESS – Footwear … the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace

                  SHIELD OF FAITH – This is a shield that allows us to be sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. It is formed by belief in Jesus and what He has done for us; it is expanded by experiences, and it is perfected by use.

                  HELMET – A particular helmet … the helmet of salvation … Remember to wear it everyday – it wasn’t given for a one-time experience only. This helmet is built to protect your thoughts and to shield you from a fatal blow.

                  SWORD – the word of God – the only offensive weapon needed in spiritual warfare. Not just a favorite sweet verse …  the whole Bible.

Search out God’s character – when life doesn’t make sense, rather than give the enemy ground – know how to stand firm on who God is

Dig through the accounts of the Israelites and see what our God does for His chosen people and what He expects of us

Allow the Psalms and Proverbs to saturate life with comfort and wisdom

Don’t forget the laws and ways of the temple … for they will give special insight into what God finds significant for us.

Remember the GOSPELS to learn about Jesus and be ready to cut deeply into enemy territory with the truth of God’s way of salvation.

Spend some time in the LETTERS written by the early believers to help us out

And even if we don’t understand it all – let’s read REVELATION to get the feel of heaven and angels and the promise of Jesus’ return.


And pray – all the time – for everything and everyone.


With this in mind … be alert … and always keep on praying for all the saints.


Now we are ready for spiritual warfare.