I have revisited this Psalm many times over the years. Times when life seems unfair, times when the wicked appear to raise their head above the right things of life, times of little money or strength … well you get the idea.


         At my age I have seen lots of things that don’t seem right and often have no remedy. At least none I can access. I’m sure most of you have your own experiences.

                  A job loss through no fault of the worker

                  A job given to the unqualified with a connection

                  A teacher who is a stumbling block

                  A friend who deserts in time of need

                  A spouse who betrays

                  A child who rebels

                  A rich person who is miserly

                  A good person who is dying too young while an evil person lives long

                           The list could go on and on …


         The Lord knew we would have these experiences. He knew there would be days when the wicked appeared to prosper; when the plots of wickedness in the world appeared to have the upper hand; when the wicked seemed to be in power.


         The Lord knew that in response to these situations we would fret, become angry, question why the wicked flourish … in other words get our eyes off the ways of the Lord and on to an evil person who seems to prosper.


         So He made a few promises:

                  The wicked won’t last

                  Evil men will be cut off

                  Their plans and apparent strength will backfire

                  The righteous won’t be forsaken

                  The Lord loves the just and will protect His own forever

                  Those who belong to the Lord will not be left in the power of the wicked

                  We have a future, a stronghold, deliverance and salvation


         So when life tempts us to look around at the people who hurt us, abandon us, seem to prosper and yet are not very nice people … the natural response often is:

         “Lord what about him?”


         Take a few minutes and savor Psalm 37