Labeled as “An Allegory of Unfaithful Jerusalem”, the 16th chapter of Ezekiel gives us a reason to stop and examine how we handle our covenant relationship with God. The story is graphic, describing a wife who was cherished and adored descending into prostitution and lewd acts. She leaves behind the husband who provided tender care, luxurious garments and jewels, and had made her into a perfect beauty.


Who is this queen who turns her back on her husband and flaunts her beauty in multiple adulterous relationships? Who is this husband who nurtured her and delivered her from a life of misery only to be left behind as she used the very gifts he gave to further herself in worldly pursuits?


Why should we care about an Old Testament chapter of an obscure allegory?


The Word of God is eternal and alive - breathing His presence into our lives. This allegory of an unfaithful Jerusalem whispers today to God’s people who are loved and cared for and yet …


         Find no time to study His word

         Pursue distractions instead of pursuing Him

         Stay silent when we should speak

         Talk when we should silently pray

         Lift our voices to Him and not our hearts

         Go to church but don’t enter God’s presence


         The list is endless … and the time will come as described in Ezekiel where God stretches out His hand against those who commit adultery against Him.


A covenant relationship should not be entered into lightly … particularly not with our Lord. He has rescued us and spread His garment over us … we are His beloved.

We are dressed in fine linen, our food is the finest, and we are adorned with gold and silver. 


Yes even today as I sit in an old T-shirt and faded exercise pants … I know my true identity and how I look to the Lord. I’m praying that I never forget that this is about a relationship … close … tender … faithful.


As the new day dawns … the Lord goes forth to see His bride …

May He find her not in the high places of idolatry or the depths of disgrace but rather on the mountain seeking His presence.


The fruit of the Spirit is … faithfulness.