I was reading in the book of Ezekiel this week where God refused to allow the elders of Israel to inquire of Him due to their “detestable practices”.  For some reason that really hit me hard. Maybe because I have so desperately needed to inquire of the Lord recently and the idea of not being allowed to just seemed overwhelming to me.


         So I ask God about that – what about me Lord - do I have things that look “detestable”?


         Israel decided over and over to worship how they pleased, accepting the ways and values of the surrounding countries and cultures. This “blended” form of worship was displeasing to the Lord who did not want His people to follow the rest of the world. Rather they were to stand as a shining witness to the earth and bring glory to His name.


         And the single word came to me … Christmas.


         It happens every year this “Crisis of Christmas”. The busy rush of extra – shopping, wrapping, cooking, and attending holiday everythings!!!


         In the midst of the crazy pace, I squeeze in my reading of Luke, my thanksgiving for the birth of Jesus, some warm peaceful moments because God gave His Son for me.  But those are all mixed in with the culture of the world’s Christmas.


         Wasn’t that what God was so upset with Israel about?


God said to Israel - ‘You say, “We want to be like thenations, like the peoples of the world, who serve wood and stone.” (Ezekiel 20:32).


Is that what I’ve done to Christmas Lord? I want to celebrate it like everyone else?  


         Dearly beloved – our season approaches.

         Let’s not let Christmas turn to Xmas … idolatry … a cultural pull to the shiny and frenzied rush …


         For unto us a child is born …  Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests …