LETTER TO GOD … from a Senior Saint

Dear God,

It’s me. You know my name but it seems most of the world addresses me by age.


These really are some of the best days of my life.  Thank you.


I finally understand a few things … I got to see my kids grow up … I have grandchildren and grand dogs and grand times. I really appreciate the fall colors, lunch with a friend, and the silver in my hair (I put a splash of purple in – what do You think?).


It is mostly what I imagined - this delectable slice of life where we slide in to home base. I talk to You more now … I read what You say about eternal life, heaven, dying to the earth to plant that final seed of life. 


It seems I’m ready for the entrance to heaven (thank You)… but how do I live the time between here and there? You see … those of us who are “seniors” seem a little bit invisible to the rest of the world sometimes.


We are called “honey” and “dear” but don’t seem integrated into life as much – especially after we no longer have “jobs”. It seems sometimes that seniors are put in a box on a shelf and brought out at holidays and special occasions and special needs.



I wish I could explain that I’m still the same me. Wrinkles and gray hair are just exterior stuff. When I hear music, I want to dance. When I see sadness, I want to comfort. When springtime comes, I’d like to run (but I walk faster instead). I watch movies and TV commercials with tears and laughter.  When I see my hubby, my heart still skips a beat. My emotions … thoughts … all still work really well (thank You).


Well I just wanted to talk this out with You. Thanks for always being there for me. I pray today for “senior” saints everywhere to know Your love, to be remembered by others and given an opportunity to share their lives until You call us home.



Here WE are Lord … send US!!


With love