The Word: Mark – chapter 1


The book of Mark is a simple direct gospel with emphasis on Jesus’ actions. Mark is the shortest of the gospels vividly showing the teachings, healings and ministry of Christ. It is a good place to stop if one is searching for clarity.


Life gets busy, messy and complicated … we need a source for focusing our lives when they take a scary turn or seem hopelessly ensnared with sin and culture. How many people who give up in despair might be salvaged and renewed if they sat down and read the book of Mark? Especially if they had a friend to walk through with them … the result of their lives could be much different.


There is no failure rate when following Jesus.


So let’s look …


1.   The first thing I noticed was that God had prepared for the life of Jesus. The Savior didn’t come upon the earth to “wing it”. We too have been prepared before our birth – Psalm 139: 13-14


2.   Contrary to what the world would tell us – there are right paths to walk in our lives.

 Jesus was baptized – although without sin – He showed by His actions the need for repentance and public declaration of walking with God.


Jesus was isolated and battled the temptations of the enemy. Jesus won.


*Psalm 23:3 – “He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake”


3.   Jesus had a message, a ministry and friends. Although His message and ministry were perfect … His friends were not.


We too have a message about the kingdom of heaven – “The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news.” We need to be prepared to tell that good news wherever God places us.


We too have a ministry … don’t pass through another day without asking God to show you what your ministry is. Jesus never left His ministry for one moment once He began … He persevered through life and death.


Jesus gathered friends even though He knew they were imperfect and would let Him down at the most crucial time of His life. As a loner, I struggle with this one but I’ve decided to walk in the path of Jesus – forgiving everyone of everything - remembering I stand in stark need of forgiveness everyday myself.

         Jesus was perfect … I’m a work in progress.


4.   Jesus prayed early, often and alone.


If the Savior – the Son of God needed quiet time … I’m pretty sure it’s essential to me.



5. Jesus believed in and fulfilled the Old Testament … let’s welcome the Word by reading and believing the whole Scripture. It will give us the knowledge and feel of God’s holiness, show us God’s character and trace the path of God’s heart.



And that is just the first chapter from the view of a person of limited understanding … imagine when you and God’s Holy Spirit sit down together and read the book of Mark.

May God Himself be your Teacher.