UNTIL... and IF ONLY...

Have you ever found yourself caught up in the drift of thought:

         “I can’t wait until…”

                  I’m done with school

                  I get a good job

                  I get married

                  I have kids

                  The kids are grown

                  A promotion comes

                  I have some money in the bank

                  My mortgage is paid



         Lots of other phrases fit the end of that sentence. So we give up the moments of life looking to a future, which we neither know nor control.


         Sometimes we look to the past:

                  “If only…”

                           I had gone to school

                           I had taken the other job

                           I hadn’t married that person

                           I had done better with my kids

                           I had used my money more wisely

                           I had sought a writing career earlier in life (okay so that one is mine)


         We have those moments of  “if only” …  a backward glance to a time that is gone. A time we can’t change, with events we can’t live over… even if we know how to do it better.


       It isn’t wrong to anticipate a possible future joy, if it is done in the spirit of “God willing”. And it isn’t wrong to review the past as the road God walked with us to bring us to now.


         But it is now that we live. It is this moment we decide what place God has in our lives. It is here in this place of today that we decide what we believe about Christ. Today we choose right this minute if we will build our house on rock or sand.


I have decided today that I can wait for all things “until…” - God says: “It’s time.”


I glanced back this morning… the “if only” was calling. But then I remembered God was weaving it together for good … the broken places, the sorrows. I could see the Lord pouring the oil of forgiveness and mercy on my past.


His hand then gently turned me to this moment of joy and contentment in His presence.


Please join me in this moment.