In our Bible study group we sometimes get off track and our friend Curt will yell, “Squirrel.” Meaning of course our minds are operating on that track, darting from thought to thought. Now the whole group uses the term and we are usually quick to refocus when someone says, “Squirrel”.


Our puppy, Tuppence, likes to chase squirrels and is ready to go off on a mad dash any time one comes into view. Recently on a walk, I was watching her stalk two of them. I just stood perfectly still to see what would unfold.


One squirrel put its nose in the air and looked around. Like lightening he ran back to the safety of a huge tree close by. The other one - cut of a different personality - looked at Tuppence then at the safety of the tree.


But just a few feet ahead of the squirrel was an irresistible acorn, so after assessing the situation … danger vs. greed … you guessed it. The squirrel darted for the acorn and waved caution to the wind.


Just like in the parables of ordinary life that Jesus told with farmers and fields, I could feel the lesson forming. God is in everyday events and is everywhere, able to teach us in a moment if we remain in Him.


After getting my puppy under control (that squirrel was lucky for the leash and my quick reaction) I meandered along on the rest of our walk thinking … I live a little like those squirrels.


My strong protection stands ready in the Lord my God and sometimes I run to Him.


But I have to admit that I have my days where the enticements of the world catch my attention and like our random thoughts in Bible study that can pull us from a moment of revelation … I too allow something in the world to pull me from the place of God’s shelter.


For the squirrel – it was the lure of more food … a moment of greed where he ignored the instincts that keep him safe and decided that MORE was worth the risk.


For me … and you? We face that lure everyday. Keeping safe within a perimeter of obedience or just a few more steps toward what looks good.


Ahhh … its an old story … check out Genesis 3.


With love,