GOD'S CHARACTER - Justice with a side note of vengeance

A mere human, I will fall short on presenting God’s character so … please be sure to check out the “verses” tab and read His words.


Some ideas when we think of justice?

         Fairness – Equity – Impartiality – Objectivity

         Honesty – Righteousness – Morality


And vengeance defined as:

Punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong that is done.


But God’s character of justice is a million times bigger and more perfect than ours will ever be and unlike us … He actually pulls it off … always.


God’s justice is nourished by wisdom as He stands outside the confines of time. He knows what has been and what is to be …  God holds our hearts and motives in His hand and examines them with care.


God doesn’t just talk about justice … He acts in justice … sending His own Son into the world … bringing us a justice wrapped in mercy and love.


Perfectly able to incorporate “an eye for an eye” with “turning the other cheek” …


We can wind up mired in sin when we take revenge into our own hands … but God knows how and when to bring justice with vengeance – He does not ignore the cries of the afflicted.

God will not turn His back on true repentance … but will bring a justice of forgiveness to those who seek Him.



A patient, perfect justice

     That cloaks a world of sin

Our God of mercy watches

      To see who will come in


To a kingdom with an entrance

         Narrow - but open to all

Designed before the world

         To answer a sinner’s call.


A patient, perfect justice

         That can’t be found on earth

Except as He walks among us

         And we receive new birth.