An Oasis and a Sword

In a runaway crazy world, where does a person go for an anchor? Psalms.


     About the middle of the Bible exists an oasis of comfort and strength, which is written both from the spiritual mountaintops and the valleys. Broken friendships, scary situations, depression, delight in God, confidence, and peace … all this and more are in Psalms. Best of all, the book of Psalms is awesome in revealing God’s character and who of us has not wondered about what God is really like?


The Word of God never goes out of date … it is both living and eternal.


         So just for today – why not give it a look?

         Faithful follower?

         Curious seeker?

         Ready for a change in life?

         Afraid you aren’t good enough?


God’s compassion is new every morning … (Lamentations 3:22 & 23).


         A few of the verses from PSALM 62 are written out under the VERSES tab in case you don’t have your Bible handy. Just give it a click and after absorbing the comfort there, I would love to here how God’s Word impacted your day.


         Let’s make 2017 the year we look into God’s heart by reading His Word faithfully every day … even if it is just a verse. I would love to contribute to that path by posting under the VERSES tab here on the Yashmea Journey website.


         Our enemy prowls around seeking to devour us, overwhelming even the faithful at times with darkness. So let’s put on the armor and pick up the sword. Being ever mindful of others around us who need encouragement, who need to know God, who need to welcome Jesus.


Consider making this the year that we not only read the Word faithfully, but also share it as God gives opportunity. Salt … light … sword … let’s go.