Life Lessons from Solitaire

I’ve gotten into the habit of playing solitaire if I’m between projects or bored or … well - fill in the blank. Worrying I was wasting precious time, I’ve given some thought to these card games and discovered that God was with me the whole time … teaching … guiding …


Sound unlikely?

Remember the whole “abiding in the Vine” lesson from John? (Refresh your memory in John 15)

I am a lowly branch but I definitely abide in the Vine (Jesus) and so do you if you have accepted what God provided through Jesus (salvation) and have asked Him into your heart.

Welcome to the Vine.

We are never really apart … not even while playing solitaire.


Take a look at these top ten lessons from the game:


1.   Every game is different … no matter how many are played.

2.   All one color and kind do not make a good game.

3.   What looks good does not necessarily play well.

4.   Missing one small play affects the whole game.

5.   At the right time a 2 of clubs can be just as valuable as an ace of hearts.

6.   There are different ways to play the game. **I was astonished to learn this recently**

7.   The game turns around fast some times.

8.   What initially looks like a bleak hand, can still be a winner over time so it’s important to play to the end.

9.   I can only play the cards I’m dealt.

10. Man shall not live by solitaire alone.

So there you have it … insert life in there and you get the drift.


God is always teaching.

He uses simple things to teach great truths.


 Jesus taught with parables of everyday life.

He fed thousands with a little bread and a couple of fish.

He touched ordinary people…

 The blind could see.

 Lepers were cleansed.

 The lame could walk.

 The sick were healed.

 The dead were given new life.


Nothing is impossible with Him.


Jesus walked with fishermen, adulterous women, people not of His “kind”, tax collectors, legal scholars, religious leaders, the poor, the sick, the uneducated, the unspiritual …


         The only ones not healed, taught or saved?

         Those who refused to accept His Word.


So here we are in our ordinary lives … with salvation, healing, and the teachings of an extraordinary Savior swirling all around … even in a game of solitaire.

 Let's give the life He gives us our full attention.

Abide and play on...

Amazing grace.