Do you remember those words from your childhood? I do. I particularly remember what they represented. An invitation to get away from the chores; to leave behind the regular stuff of watching television and homework; to go outside with my friend and just … be me.

         One of my favorite pastimes as a kid was to get on my shiny blue bicycle and take off for a long ride. I went with my friend and we explored streets all around the neighborhood. Sometimes we got lost and it was a great adventure to find our way home. When I would mount the stairs to the old green porch and enter the back door to the tiny kitchen … I felt refreshed. I was ready to start the homework and chores and watch some TV with my mom.


         It’s Monday morning. The weekend of relaxation is a memory and the weekend ahead merely a wish. A long workweek resides between the two. So now that we are adults, does that mean we can’t “come out and play”?


         Actually kids know instinctively that this time apart to refresh is needed … daily. We lose our way as we become adults and lock ourselves in to routines and schedules that, if we are honest, don’t bring out the best in us.


         The Lord gave us the Sabbath for our own good. It was made for us. But we sometimes lose sight of the fact that coming away from the ordinary to be in the presence of the extraordinary is also a teaching of God for daily living.


         *Jesus regularly drew apart to talk to His Father preparing for healing, miracles, and becoming the Savior of the world.

         *God’s people were called to draw apart from the nations around them – for they were an extraordinary people.

         *In Isaiah 1:18 – the Lord invites us to “come, let us reason together” with amazing results in cleansing from sin.

         *Moses was called to come apart to a burning bush – allowed to stand on holy ground.

         *The prophets were called apart to hear God’s word so they might warn a nation.

         *Mary was called from chores to the feet of Jesus

         *We are called into our “secret place” to pray where only God our Father hears us.

         *John was called during his exile to record a revelation, to see God’s throne, to experience heaven.


So today let’s draw from that long forgotten experience of “Can you come out to play?”  Remember – it was apart from the ordinary – involved a friend – refreshed your life.

Come on out of the ordinary – to experience the extraordinary presence of God … don’t wait for the weekend.