Are you a person who just wants to know how it’s going to end? Do you ever flip to the back of the book to see how things turned out? When someone talks to you, do you sometimes just wish they’d get to the point?


         The book of Ecclesiastes tells the thought process of a man who is searching for the meaning of life. He is a person of means and able to indulge in anything he wants so his search doesn’t have much in the way of boundaries.


         The last six verses of the book tell his conclusion. So what is the point of the other eleven and a half chapters? Those chapters are his journey, which he needs to make to discover the end he set out to find …the meaning of life.


         We are often fearful as we watch our own journey… the journey of our children … the journey of other people we love … but take heart. 


         It is not God’s will that any perish, but that everyone repent. God sent Jesus that the people would know Him, not miss Him. So don’t give up on anyone … pray without ceasing … live as Christ has shown us … the conclusion is coming …


                           For God so loved the world …


Read Ecclesiastes for more information on the search for the meaning of life … ENJOY THIS DAY OF YOUR JOURNEY!!