I know this isn’t our usual stuff. However, I had an unusual experience recently and I’d like to share it.

Our oldest granddaughter recently graduated from junior high. I know many of you can identify since we just passed through the season of graduates. We were super proud and saw lots of other parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles … well lots of other proud folks.

Our experience started out okay – we were invited down to take pictures of our graduates – after all the night was about them. Wasn’t it? But after the initial glow of glory for the kids, something strange happened.

Adults sabotaged the night. Probably well-meaning adults, but nonetheless the night became skewed in another direction. There were speeches … long speeches. Students fidgeted, parents were bored and yet without regard to the stars of the evening, the speeches continued.

The excitement of the event began to seep away. It was revived a bit when a student speech emerged slightly overshadowed by the dignitaries who spoke. Then the moment we all had been waiting for … time to announce our graduates.

But wait … one more order of business. The educator stood at the microphone reminding us that cheering for our students should not resemble cheering at a Hawks game. After all this was different.

Darn straight – I don’t know the Blackhawks. But I know and love my granddaughter – I was there when she was born.

Furthermore we were directed to wait to cheer until the entire row was announced, to be respectful of other students (as if we were too stupid to think of being respectful on our own … as if not cheering for our kids was respectful?)

Well we have a problem. I’m a grandmother and a rule follower. However, students don’t graduate in a row. They graduate one precious person at a time. Additionally if the evening weren’t taken up by speeches from adults and awards to adults – there would be plenty of time to cheer on our kids.

So yes – when her name was called our family stood, cheered, and experienced great pride in her accomplishment. She came off the stage with a big smile, as proud of her crazy family as we were of her.

Congratulations Lindsey … we love you!!!