There are catastrophic times when all at once an avalanche slides over homes, a tsunami wipes out a city, an earthquake fells an area, a forest fire sweeps away a mountain community.

         But how much change has happened on the earth by simple erosion over a long period of time. No one really notices as pieces of earth dislodge slowly, seeping into a nearby stream. There isn’t a hue and cry when a river, over generations, lowers itself from previous rocks where it once proudly swept.

         I wonder if the enemy has used the same technique. When he loses the war for our souls … does he shift to a daily skirmish to break our spirit?  Slowly picking at our weaknesses, creating doubt about our strength, reminding us at every turn how we still sin – the enemy seeks erosion where he cannot win through catastrophe.

         How about giving us pride in our Christian walk? Perhaps the enemy prefers the erosion of a judgmental spirit toward those who aren’t doing what we believe they should. Or how about the erosion of satisfaction with what WE have and do – eroding the thankful spirit and grateful heart.

         There is erosion within us every time we make ever so slightly a turn away from God. Perhaps ten years or a generation will pass before it is noticeable but make no mistake – erosion leaves its mark … on the earth and on the soul.

         Hebrews 6 – talks about the process of falling away and the harm it brings, perhaps even positioning us in a state of no return. I like verse 9 for us today: “Even though we speak like this, dear friends, we are confident of better things in your case – things that accompany salvation.”

         So don’t be unaware that the enemy prowls through the earth. Don’t let him have even a tiny foothold. In danger of erosion? There are safeguards to keep free of its destruction.

         Today I spent time with the Lord telling Him some things I could never share with another person. I want my faith to stand the test of time. I want the next generation to see Jesus held me firmly through the times of catastrophe and the darkness of a single night.

Even now the enemy whispers in my ear how I have failed.  It’s true.        

Then Jesus gets in front of me and suddenly not a single speck of my soul is lost.