From the book - BREATHE – Psalm 23 - part 3

Before you go … have you shared everything? 

Grandma Bohn has rested in a lush green pasture and walked with Yashmea beside still waters  … just as Psalm 23 has described. So we can draw to a quiet time with Jesus to live this part. But how do we get to live in the crescendo of grace that closes this Psalm?

·      He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies.

·      He anoints us.

·      Our cup overflows – not just a satisfactorily full - but welling up and spilling over into the lives of others.

·      Goodness and love will follow us – every single day of our lives

·      We will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

To attain this requires more than a short time apart in His presence. We will need to walk back into the world holding hands with the Shepherd and trusting Him for all the results. For that … there can be no dark shadows in our hearts.

Back to our story…

            Grandma Bohn talked for what seemed like hours and told of all her worries and fears. But Yashmea could tell that she held back her most important care.

            “Not quite all my love. You still hold a care in your heart that continues to come back to you. You must give it to me if you would be in peace when you return.”

            “Forgive me, but of course You know. My family – Jed, Rachel, Samuel. We have talked before of them. Even after all these years I think of them everyday and some days the pain is too much.”

            “And …” Yashmea touched his hand to Grandma Bohn’s chin which quivered and tilted it just enough so their eyes met.”

            With a voice barely above a whisper, Grandma Bohn held her gaze steady and forced the words out. “And I know that You know what happened to them. You have never told me.”

            And there it is.

            The hurt in our lives that has undone us.

            The unspeakable thing that happened.

            The shadow that threatens to strangle our trust.


Stay with the Shepherd – tell Him everything – ask, seek, open the door to Him.

Grandma Bohn did just that. While I could create a character in fiction that would respond to Yashmea, only you can form your response to Jesus.

Whatever is holding you back – GO TELL IT – to Jesus – the Shepherd of our souls!