From the book - BREATHE - Psalm 23 - Part two

The experience of coming away with Jesus 

PSALM 23 – Walking with the Shepherd involves green pastures, still waters, restoration, guidance.

In our story – Grandma Bohn, now in the presence of Yashmea, can feel the warm pressure of his hand, her body physically relaxes, and she is at peace.

That is living the psalm. Placing our hand into the hand of Jesus, inhaling deeply, and opening our eyes. We are in a different place. Our messy kitchen, piled high office desk, ringing phones – they simply fade for the moment.

Grandma Bohn was able to be at a different place.

“She laid down in the gentle green pasture surrounded by tall pine trees. Yashmea laid down beside her slowly releasing her hand. Their eyes met.

“Rest for a little then when you are ready, we will walk and talk. There is no hurry you know.”

 Grandma Bohn rested in the presence of her Shepherd. As she woke up to her surroundings, Grandma was a bit unsteady due to her age but Yashmea was right beside her until she regained her balance.

“Grandma now felt none of the usual aches and pains. Indeed she walked as though in her youth while holding hands with Yashmea. A river lay ahead of them and to that end Yashmea directed their path. When they reached the river, it was crystal clear and the current was almost imperceptible. The quietest water Grandma Bohn had ever seen.”

Living the psalm means we let Jesus guide us to a safe place, a quiet place, a place where it’s just us with Him – and we take in our surroundings when we are present with Jesus. They will be different than the everyday – while the world would have us hurry … Jesus would have us rest. The world would have us form a plan … Jesus would take our hand and guide us to still waters.

Yashmea and Grandma Bohn go on to have a comforting time of fellowship. But before their psalm 23 time closes, Yashmea searches for what Grandma Bohn has hidden in her heart …

Stay tuned for the final part of the Psalm 23 journey with Yashmea.

Are we sharing our whole heart with Jesus or do we have something we are holding back?