They stood together and looked out over the void. It was the last moment … before the first moment of the earth. The Father smiled in anticipation – He had always known this day would come.


The Son spoke and the light shined forth. The Spirit christened the light with a gentle breeze as the Father cast darkness to the side. They continued together as One, bringing forth the great expanse of the heavens, separating the waters they had formed and welcoming a brilliant blue sky.


As they moved from one day to the next in perfect harmony, the world was born … from the simplest forms to the most intricately designed life. They watched as earth took shape with mountains and oceans; flowing rivers and vast oceans; the tiniest flower and the vast cedars … all in perfection.


“It’s magnificent Father.”


The Spirit kissed the earth and smiled.


The Father sat down upon His throne with a joyful heart.


They rested.




God walked among the trees in the exquisite garden. But even though beauty laid in the brilliant shades of color and water caressed the land, He could see the difference.


“Where are you?”


The man came from behind a large bush with his head down, not meeting the eyes of his creator.


“I heard You coming and I was afraid because I’m naked.”


A single tear spilled down the face of God.


“I always knew this day would come.”


Separation from God began that day … not by His choice but by man’s decision to listen to a voice that said God lied … that said we can have the knowledge reserved for God … that said we can make it on our own.




“It’s time.”


“I know Father. I’m ready.”


A single tear gently dropped. The Spirit turned His head.


“I always knew this day would come.” And the Father turned His back.


The Son cried out in pain and anguish.


Darkness came upon the earth, the temple curtain was torn from top to bottom, a soldier cried, a mother mourned her son.




A man sat down on a flat rock and gazed out at the sparkling lake. His eyes were shiny with unshed tears as he turned his head from side to side. He was completely alone.


“I don’t know if You really exist. But I hope so. My neighbor has been talking about You … says even a guy like me is welcome. I’ve done a lot of really bad stuff … but I guess You know all that.”


The man shifted uncomfortably on the rock and then began to sob. Through tears and gulps he looked up at the brilliant blue sky and kept talking.


“I know this isn’t probably the way I’m supposed to talk to You … but … look I’m really sorry for all the wrong I’ve done. I want to believe in You … in this Jesus my neighbor talked about … but I don’t know what to do next … I mean … please can You help me?”


The Son looked at the Father as the Spirit went to earth for the single sinner who looked to God.


A single tear crossed the smile on God’s face.


“I always knew this day would come.”