The hospital room was still, interrupted only by the blinking lights of the monitors and an occasional beeping sound. On the bed Samuel’s eyes were closed, his skin so pale it seemed translucent. In his right hand he clutched a Spiderman action figure.

         Sarah allowed streams of tears to make their way down her cheeks and drip onto the white cotton blanket. Gently she caressed Samuel’s forehead.

         The door opened and Dr. Jacobs quietly approached the bed then looked at the nearby monitors.


         “Not much longer now. I don’t think Samuel will regain consciousness but we never know.”


         Sarah’s shoulders shuddered and she bowed her head. Dr. Jacobs walked over and knelt down to face the distraught mother. He reached and took her free hand in his.


         “You’ve done a really wonderful job of being Jacob’s mom. I’m sorry we couldn’t help him stay with you longer … I .. I’m sorry.”

         Dr. Jacobs stood up, looked back at Samuel, and slowly left the room.


         The quiet sobbing gradually subsided and once again the room was silent. Sarah took a deep breath.


         “Jacob I don’t know if you can hear me.”

          Her voice broke and she fell silent. Sarah breathed deeply and began again.

         “I know your life hasn’t been like most kids - but I wouldn’t have changed places with any other mom for even a moment. You have been a joy and taught me so many things. From you I learned to hope, to have joy in each moment and …”


         But Sarah could go no farther. Overcome with sadness that this day had come, Sarah laid her head on the pillow next to Samuel. A gentle pressure on her hand made Sarah lift her head and clear, blue eyes met hers.


        “I love you too mom. Take care of dad and Jimmy. Don’t forget to give Puff his crickets.”


       And those were the last words of Jacob, treasured by his mom for the rest of her life.


Last words … powerful … revealing … never forgotten.


Some “last words” from Christ as He died:


         “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?”

As He shouldered the weight of the sins of the world, He was separated for a moment from His beloved, holy Father … and it hurt.


“Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Ending His life on earth with forgiveness … for people who really didn’t “deserve” it.


“Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.”

Allowing faith to finish its course …


“I tell you the truth, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

To the criminal at His side who at the final hour of his life believed and asked Jesus to remember him … Jesus grants salvation. Doing the work God the Father gave … even to the end.


                  “Dear woman, here is your son.”

                  “Here is your mother.”

Jesus sees His mom’s pain … enter the true friend at death … take care of those who are left behind.


                  “I am thirsty.”

Physical life has needs. Beaten, bloody, spit on, in excruciating pain not to mention … ridiculed as He was giving His life for us… Jesus didn’t avoid suffering. He didn’t have to be thirsty at the end … after all He is God. But He submitted to real life. So when we hit those moments of life when we are tired, thirsty, mistreated and things aren’t going well … we have a Savior who understands.


                  “It is finished.”

Because one day it is … finished … for this life.


Last words … I promise to remember.