God's character

God's Character - # Holy

Many years ago, as a new Christian, I was blessed to have several more seasoned Christians around me. One of them, a mentor through many years, listened to me one day as I got on a soap box about: “God’s love should mean …”


Well …  fill in the blank. We’ve all had those moments when something in life seemed unfair or awful or cruel or meaningless. The question is how could a loving God allow … yes – again fill in the blank.


Pauline (my mentor) was quiet for a moment, then looked me in the eye and said:

“God’s first attribute is that He is holy.”

In taking a look at God’s character, that statement of fact came back to me full force. So I thought we would start here and learn the first thing first. After all holy would sort of cover the idea that He knows best.


God is holy.


There are scriptures listed under the “verses” tab, which I hope you will read, but of course the entire bible speaks to this characteristic of God. The first distinguishing trait or distinctive quality (the definition of character) about God is … He is holy.


The first four commandments are about God and this distinction and the response to this truth.

We have no other gods

We don’t make idols of other things

We don’t misuse God’s name

We set apart His day as a day of rest … He made it holy


 Holy means worthy of absolute devotion, sacred, set apart as divine. Nothing on earth and no person has that characteristic. Just God.


Holy … a spiritual allegory follows on Thursday. Hope you will join us then and stay with us as we talk about God’s character over the next several weeks.