The Gift

The brightly colored ribbon floated to the floor in the excitement of the child’s quest for the gift. Next the crinkling shiny wrapping paper gave way beneath the chubby fingers and drifted toward the dog that eyed it with suspicion. At last all that stood between the beloved toddler and her gift was a hard cardboard box taped together.

She lifted clear blue eyes up to her father whose smile was instant. Reaching strong hands down, he quickly snapped the tape. With a joyful clap, the child lifted the box top and tossed it aside. There before her glowing cheeks lay the gift her father had chosen especially for her … and it was perfect.

Ahh – you wish to know the gift? But friend … it is different for each of us as we sit before our Father in blissful glee at what He has chosen for us. He too, like the father of the earth delights to watch His children’s progress. And should a time arise where we are without the ability to continue on in receiving from His hand - we need only to look up into His face.

May the precious gifts from our Heavenly Father be all we seek this season. Tossing aside the outer wrappings of the holidays, may we with a child’s focus and joy look to Jesus.
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