Lord ... grant me a rainbow

Like the first one you made … when the flood was over … when you blessed the people … a sign of Your promise.


I’m drifting in the ark of Your provision, but wondering when the raging waters will still. Was it like that for Noah? He trusted you completely, building and gathering, then waiting and seeking signs the flood was over.


Noah waited patiently in the process of God’s new beginnings for life. Even after he knew the dove had landed her feet on dry ground … he waited. Even when the cover of the ark was lifted and he could see with his own eyes the land was dry … he waited.


Until Noah heard the voice of God calling him forth, releasing Noah and his family to once again enjoy God’s creation and then …


Noah built an altar. He didn’t rage against God for the destruction of the earth; he didn’t chastise God for not being fair; he didn’t mourn the loss of his home and friends.


Noah built an altar. Worship. He sacrificed until there was a pleasing aroma lifted up to the heavens … and the Lord spoke in His heart … and once again blessed the earth and mankind.


The Lord gave food to eat, purpose for living and solemnly warned that we will be held accountable for the lives of others. For although our hearts are inclined to evil; we are made in the image of God.

And then the Lord set the first rainbow into the clouds above the earth as a sign of His promises and His presence in the lives of the people of earth.


Father, the storm has been long for many of Your people. Please help us to wait it out until we hear Your voice.

Help us remember in these troubled times, that You will demand an accounting for the lives of our fellow man.


Lord … Almighty God … grant us a rainbow.