Many of you know we have a new puppy, Tuppence. One of her favorite things to do is to go for a walk. Nose to the ground sniffing what’s gone before her, lifted in the air for possibilities of what lies ahead … she makes a jerky progress down the road until she comes back home.


         Today as we walked, it was an unusually rough day. Those of you who have had puppies know what I mean. It was a day that Tuppence decided what was behind us was better than what was ahead.  She heard a rafter of turkeys (sorry just looked this up and that’s what they call a group of turkeys … I couldn’t resist) … and then she planted her feet and would go no farther.


         Yep … scared of that strange sound up ahead. I pulled … Tuppence pulled back.  I explained the situation to her … she doesn’t speak English. Finally she went forward.


         So I said (to no one in particular), “This walk would be so much better if she would just walk with me and stop pulling and being afraid”.


         And then I heard it in my heart.


                           “Sound familiar?”


         Asking Christ into our hearts means He sends the Holy Spirit to speak into our lives. That was Him.


         I’ve heard the Spirit speak great comfort and encouragement during times that were dark and bleak.

         I’ve heard and felt a gentle course correction when I was holding on to the past or straining toward the future.

         More often than I’d like to admit, I’ve heard the clear conviction of sin in my life and my heart has stilled in sorrow.


And so as I finished the not so straightforward walk with my crazy puppy – I received all three …


With love and prayers for our walk with God,