The disciples watched as Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish … and fed 5,000 men. Initially they had urged Him to send the hungry crowd away but that was never in the character of Jesus.


It still isn’t.


First He gathered what was at hand … 5 loaves, two fish.


Then looking up to heaven, He gave thanks and shared the food at hand.


Then everybody ate and all were satisfied.


That’s how it is when Jesus is around.

And He is always around.

We don’t lack anything, no matter how meager our resources look, not when Jesus is providing. Of course, it is pretty easy to recognize our Savior when we are well fed and satisfied.


But then … the disciples were alone in a boat in the middle of the lake with strong winds against them. Jesus walked to them … yes on the water.


For those who may read this and think it is a cute story … breathe deeply … the truth: walking out to us in the midst of a spot we feel alone and afraid in, is not too difficult for Jesus.


Ahhh but that is when the disciples and I have the most trouble recognizing Him. How about you?

Just when we think the situation is scary and without escape … that’s a cute story …

In truth – Jesus walks on water - and anything else the world throws our way. He climbs in the boat of our scary situation, our trial, our sinful life, and says:


         “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”



He said it then and He says it now - because the character of Christ is steady, unchanging, dependable, merciful, forgiving, and anything else we may need in our boats today.


Take courage.