Complaining – protests - doomsday predictions - swirl throughout our land today. Marginalized, without a voice, in the grasp of powers that are frightening … what is a person to do?

Conversely for those who see “radical” elements refusing to allow the duly elected to govern … what is a person to do?

Both camps of people are exiled from their promised land of a secure and peaceful nation.

Quite frankly many of us have lived in exile for years … this nation has long been far from the justice and mercy God desires. As people struggle to have their own particular experiences given rights, the righteousness of a Holy God has been trampled like discarded trash.


This is the time we live in … exile from the Promised Land.

What is a person to do?

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Jeremiah 29: 5- 7

The Lord God Almighty gives His people guidance on how to live in exile … don’t let it defeat … rather live by building, planting, increasing, praying.

         “… seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile …”

The Lord designs exile for a purpose. Don’t listen to lies about the situation. Live through it by the grace of God … literally. And when the time is right … the Lord God Himself will carry us and deliver us from exile and into the Promised Land.


Live well.