The condition or fact of being dissimilar or different …

A distinguishing factor, attribute or characteristic …

Excellence or eminence, as of performance, character or reputation …


One of the many themes running through the Word of God is the recounting of the history of Israel during the exodus from Egypt.


The plagues are examined again and again ending in the dark night where the firstborn of every household in Egypt died … except the Israelite homes.


As the people moved through the plagues sent by the Lord, sometimes the magicians of Egypt with their “secret arts” could mimic the plague … but eventually there were acts they could not follow … there is one God … a distinction from a Pharaoh … or a king … or a president.


The Lord created a conflict with Pharaoh to mark the distinction of His people and of Himself.


For the nation walking through the plagues was a painful process.  Locusts … gnats … darkness … bloody water … everyone experienced the effects … and then the distinctions arose ending with the most dramatic. One people would die … one people would not.

On a dark night the Lord reached down and delivered His people from the hands of the oppressor … it was dramatic, overwhelming, and completely without equal even to this day.

Imagine the trembling fear as the cries went up from household to palace. Imagine the tension of not knowing what would be next as the Israelites stood in their homes eating - coats on and ready to roll.


It is a history that even to this day the Jews remember and honor, Christians teach to children, and even unbelievers are aware of …


Pharaoh was warned.

The signs were everywhere.

Many times.

Pharaoh chose to think he was bigger than God.


The character of the Lord never changes. He loves His people. He is aware of our plight. He responds to our cries. He marks us with distinction … living among the world … yet brought out to a place where evil cannot touch us anymore.


He warns … and then He acts.


Recently I found myself awake in the night … crying. We have all had those times … just like the rest of mankind. My distinction? I have a Savior who is Jesus Christ and He too was awake in the night ready and willing to walk with me … until the day when He delivers me completely.


Nothing in the world can mimic that. No one else will ever understand my situation like Him. No amount of earthly counseling or hobbies or fulfilling work or riches or “purpose” will ever be able to snatch me from darkness into light like those nail-scarred Hands.


I hope you also know Jesus … if not I’d love to speak with you about Him.


And if you are one of my brothers or sisters in Christ … I hope this day you live in the distinction of that relationship.


From death to life … be blessed.