Inside a lavish hotel people passed a room with doors thrown open leading to white-clothed tables of crystal glassware, silver utensils and china place settings. The center of each table boasted a regal receptacle of purest crystal exploding in splashes of colorful fresh flowers.


Just outside the room all eyes were drawn to a sign announcing the charity event. A table of purest white cloth held the place cards of the rich and famous who would attend. Men in tuxedos and women in long flowing gowns gathered with drinks outside the dining room.


After a short time, dinner was announced and everyone sat down on the gold covered chairs. The meal was worthy of a king with one succulent dish following another and the sound of tinkling glasses, conversations and laughter filled the room.


A handsome man stood at the podium in the front of the beautiful hall greeting the many dignitaries in attendance as spots of applause erupted for each one. Finally the moment they had all been waiting for … the amount of the gathered pledges was announced to an uproar of cheering.


They will gather next year to raise funds again.



A stable … a star … shepherd and angels … a few wise men … a baby.


A cross … an empty tomb …


One person at a time … in any clothing … at any income level … with any sins … a bowed head and heart.


The largest charity event in the history of the world was completed and need not be held again.


The dinner?  Coming soon … all are welcome … compliments of Jesus the Christ.