Have you ever reached a point in life where you wanted to change … desperately?


Maybe things aren’t working on a job, a relationship, or a circumstance. Maybe the dream you had for your life just doesn’t seem to be materializing. Perhaps emotions are mastering your days and keeping you up at night.


Life can seem as though we took a wrong turn and the only appropriate response is to scrap the plan/dream/ personality you have and find a new one. But as I wrestle with this dilemma in my own life … lo and behold - Ephesian 4:23-32 - and God speaks to me about RENEWAL.


Renewal involves the mind … putting off what I’ve stored there and letting God’s Holy Spirit guide me into new thinking.


Renewal definitely involves putting off some old and taking on some new – but not in the ways we would normally make changes.  


True renewal means to cease clamoring for material possessions and stop letting evil sit in our lap. The renewed person drops off whatever is not of God and picks up what is.


Renewal is a conversation changer. Our words are full of grace and truth – they serve to minister to others and build them up.


Renewal recognizes anger will come into our days, but insists it not reside through the night. Anger is to pass through our lives, not plant a seed that roots into sin.


My favorite wisdom from the renewal passage – involves holding my spot in the world for the Lord and not giving the enemy an inch. That’s right – we have a spot in the world – uniquely positioned in the place God has trusted us to hold for Him. Spiritual warfare – my favorite …


Perhaps I shouldn’t be too hasty to begin changes until … I walk a little more on this path of renewal.


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Looking forward to hearing from your spot!