I have been reading through the book of Isaiah (yes Lulu again) … I love everything about this book especially all the emotions that bubble to the surface as I read.


                  Awe – in the character of the Lord – just, righteous, merciful, redemptive … well you read it.

                  Sadness – at the way we just keep rejecting Him

                  Joy – at the way the story ends

                  Fear – in what the world lives through first

                  Comfort – at the Lord’s care for us

                  Shame – for my sin

                  Hope – in the Lord’s salvation and lasting blessing


         I am an emotional person so while others may be exhausted at this roller-coaster ride … I am in my element of laughing, crying and being amazed at the descriptions in Isaiah.


         But I found an extra nugget this time in my favorite chapter (chapter 55 in case you want to check it out). It was written in my own handwriting … yes I write in my Bible, in fact I write in 3 Bibles, one for each of my children.


         I digress … again.  My nugget? I have written at the top of chapter 55 these words: “Raven joins the family Feb 2016”.


         Ahhh … you are thinking I have a sweet grandbaby named Raven. Well yes … and … no. Raven is a canine version but greatly beloved in our family.  Just a little note of something that happened in my life that made me happy.


         I am a pretty serious person, not particularly fun, and intense about the Bible. But every now and then, my beloved Savior reminds me to leave room in my life … to just enjoy a moment, a memory, or a new puppy.


         So - there in the Bible that goes to my son, Ryan, sits a little reminder that in the midst of soaking in the Lord’s invitation to come to Him … a puppy arrived.  She is adorable.  Her brother Kanon sits somewhere recorded also. I will run across him periodically. Lest you think I forget my two-legged grandchildren … they too are scattered amidst the well-worn pages.


         God’s word has never failed to teach, inspire, correct, convict … and has always addressed “real” life for me. So I make notes.

On the pages of His Word, the Lord shows Himself and gives promises so enormous I can’t contain them. So I make notes.

A Savior so loving is revealed that takes even the likes of me … amazing. This one makes me cry.

The breath of life resuscitates me as the Holy Spirit teaches my heart things too wonderful to pass by … even in the midst of trials. I write because of this.


And in the middle of pages of perfection, wisdom and greatness … I plunk my life … undeserving and imperfect … but by His grace, I feel at home.


So that’s how Raven came to be in Isaiah 55.