I have a young friend who loves the book of James.  No – no – you don’t understand … SHE LOVES THE BOOK OF JAMES!!!!!


            There is something about coming across a person with a genuine love of God’s Word and enthusiasm for a deeper faith that just ignites the rest of us. Or a new believer who is ready to believe and do everything exactly as God wants … don’t they just take you to a different place?

            We need that zeal. The flame that bursts with new energy as it surges forward to work out a life for God. No it isn’t where our salvation comes from … but it is the fruit that shows we are saved.


            Jesus Christ was not lukewarm.  He worked every moment of every day on earth unless He was drawn apart to a solitary place to pray. No one could see Jesus and not know He was different. They may reject what He offered, but He was totally on fire for His Father.


            JAMES 2:19 – “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that – and shudder.”


            This lukewarm assent that there is a God is not the belief of a disciple but of demons. The belief of disciples is DIFFERENT!!! As disciples we live our salvation out in front of the world not in pride … but in service to Christ.

            What good is a faith that sees a person without clothes or food and wishes them well? True believers will be shopping for groceries and gathering clothes.

            What good is a belief of salvation that fails to hold out a hand to lift a sinner from the mud?

            What good is reading JAMES chapter 3 … then going out in the world with an unbridled tongue? 

            In the book of Acts chapter 16 when the jailer asks what he must do to be saved … the answer is a simple and truthful “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved…” 

            A belief that passes a person from death to life is not lukewarm. It is not a mere acknowledgment that changes nothing in their life. It is not the belief of demons.

            So today – may we BELIEVE in JESUS CHRIST out loud, up front, in truth, in action, in EVERYTHING.  May we believe as disciples.

God bless you as you work and live today for Him.

Dedicated to my young friend who loves the book of JAMES.