Tomorrow is Friday, which means trash day in my neighborhood. A big truck will come rumbling down the street, stopping at each house, and empty the large smelly bins.  Once again the homes on our street will be free of the trash.


         Except for a few folks who have forgotten it is trash day. They will look up in despair as they hear the heavy truck, realizing their homes will be stuck with the smelly trash for another week. Its no fun to have a house overloaded with trash.


         We’ve heard often in God’s Word about the concept of our bodies being the place where the Holy Spirit lives … His house. Yet do we have a regular trash day for this most precious dwelling place?


         Too often I’m afraid we may forget this important task that allows the Holy Spirit to live in a trash-free environment. Just as I don’t want to miss the day to put the garbage and refuse from my earthly house out to be taken away, I also don’t want to miss the Bible’s mandate to “take out the trash” in my life.


So much of the Bible talks about living in a trash-free setting but let’s take a look at EPHESIANS. I encourage all of us to read it completely but for this moment in time may I direct our attention to:


         Ephesians 4: 31 – “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.”


         In other words: TAKE OUT THE TRASH!


Verse 30 talks about not grieving the Holy Spirit with whom we were sealed for the day of redemption. I mean really? Would I want to be sealed up in close proximity to my trash?


Neither does the precious Comforter who Jesus sent to help us. We are the temple … the home … of God’s Holy Spirit. If our earthly homes require a regular time when the trash and excess is removed, doesn’t our Lord deserve the same clean environment?


So today – before it gets busy – get with God and take out the trash! I’d love to chat more … writing is one of my favorite things … however … I really need to take out the trash … today is the day!


Love and prayers to all of you.