Someday I may write about life from the top … but not today. Because today I am feeling at the bottom, so rather than giving a fresh coat of paint to things … I think I’ll just say where I’m at … I feel lousy.

         Yep – you heard me. Yes I am a Christ follower and I’m not proud of how I’m feeling tonight but there it is – I’m depressed – sad – overwhelmed. I feel like my life is a disaster.


         And I’m not alone.


         And God is okay with hearing where I’m really at even if others are not.

         David wrote some of the best psalms starting at this point.

         But I’m not writing psalms – I’m writing a Christian blog of hope and encouragement … so … how is this going to work?


         I have no idea. But the blog is due and I’m depressed so here we are.


         Sometimes don’t you ever feel down? Of course – we all do. And it isn’t necessary to act like we are on top of the world when life has kicked us hard. What is necessary is to stay in touch with the truth. Because in the mire of disappointment, heartache, suffering etc. -  the truth can be hard to find.


         And here is the truth …


         Jesus is the same One I have loved and trusted – He hasn’t changed.

         Nothing has happened to me (or you) that God lost track of, wasn’t able to handle, didn’t care about or any other crazy idea the enemy is selling.

         While the distinct possibility exists that I may feel worse tomorrow – the fact is that “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy” (Psalm 126:5).


         Therefore I plan to cry …

                  Not forever because of course another truth is that the day is coming when God will wipe away all the tears … but right now I am sowing for a harvest of joy.

          I also plan to pray …

                  That is never a waste of time because all the prayers of the saints are kept in golden bowls in heaven (Revelation 5:8)


         My circumstances haven’t changed during the writing of this blog and neither has the truth.


         I feel better.