Assume: To put on; to take upon oneself; to invest oneself formally with; to take up or receive  … well you get the drift …  assumptions are operating systems we use unless something proves them incompatible with life. Assumptions are like a handrail we use to keep ourselves steady and to make sense of our world.

The word assume has gotten a bad rap sometimes like it’s a negative thing to do -  but in reality – life requires some assumptions or we would make ourselves crazy before we ever got out the door in the morning. For example:

         I assume I will be able to breathe when I wake up in a new day

         I assume my car will start

         I assume if I’m tired I need to rest

         I assumed when I was younger that teachers were smart

         I assumed when I was younger that government officials cared about people

The list could go on and on. There are just things we don’t argue or doubt each day. Take a look at my list. The items listed aren’t 100% guaranteed. I’ve been wrong on occasion. I tweaked a couple of these over the years and one of them was completely annihilated.

But what if one day we decided to assume God is right? What if we assume that the Lord of all creation actually knows what He is talking about? If I have confidence in my car starting – what if I have confidence that God really does breathe into people and into scripture?

If I’m tired – what if I assume that Jesus welcomes me and wants to give me rest?

What if I assume there really is a Holy Spirit that guides me and leads me into all the truth?

What if I assume that there really is a way of salvation – just one way – and it is exactly what God said?

What if I assume that heaven exists … and eternity … and a right and  wrong way to live … what if there are blessings … faith that heals … prayers that are stored in a golden bowl … heard … answered.

What if I assume God actually knows how many hairs are on my head … what if He is really that God?

Of all the many assumptions the world offers us … let’s commit to the best, highest, most likely to be true assumption of all time … let’s assume that God is right!!

Headed out right now to see what He says … how about you?