Since I was young, I’ve always had this idea that if I could just get to the right spot in thinking, circumstances, emotions … some magical “sweet spot” … my life would change and all would be well.

I’ve never found that “sweet spot”. My life has never magically worked out. In circumstances of conflict, I’ve held the naïve view that if we just talk honestly – well everything should work out right?  We will understand and hug. Yeah – that hasn’t happened either.

I’m older now and one would think I could let go of these somewhat childish ideas, but even recently I’ve been bugging God about this. Isn’t there just a place in our faith where we arrive and all is calm? A place where trials are past, misunderstandings melt, people love me all the time for who I am not what I can do for them? A morning we wake up knowing that our doubts are conquered, our gifts are sure, our purpose makes sense?


And now bear with me to the answer I received …


God’s creation is magnificent - so always the Word in Romans 1:20 has made sense to me - “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.”

Many times I have seen God’s ways and character in His creation – really no one could miss it! So once again I lay on my bed asking God for help – shouldn’t I be farther along than I am? But this petition had finally met the moment in time that my Heavenly Father knew I was ready for the answer.


“How does darkness turn to light? How does the night pass and the new day dawn?” From darkness to light is a process by God’s hand ... I breathed in My Heavenly Father’s answer …


And so I understood … as the stars need their nest and the moon its cradle to light the world dimly – so my life needs its times of darkness that stars of faith may shine in the most unlikely spots.

I lay on my bed thinking about that passage from darkness to light each day for the decades of my life. Never has God’s power or divine nature wavered. Not one time.

You’re probably thinking I should have figured out many years ago that there was no “sweet spot” of arrival. Perhaps. But I prefer to think at just the right time Jesus gave me new wisdom to carry me on from this day through the rest of my nights until I wake up in the brightest light ever.


May you trust through the darkness and hope in the Son.


            Much love … Bev