You are not anonymous to me.

I know you – when you sit down and when you stand up – if you travel I know your whereabouts ... anywhere. (Read Psalm 139)

 I know the number of hairs on your head.

The purpose you seek:  To believe God and to glorify Him.

The truth: I am the way, the truth and the life. (Check out John 14)

You sound weary – Come to Me and I will give you rest. My benefit package is out of this world.

About your skills:

Smiling through pain – I know about suffering – and I weep with those who weep. But I can give you real reasons to rejoice.

Techno – savvy – I have ways that you haven’t even dreamed of to turn knowledge to wisdom. My technology is beyond your imagination. Check out the transfiguration. (Matthew 17)

The empty place in your soul – I can fill it with springs of living water.

So about qualifying for a position with Me …

            Everyone sins and so is separated from God. But We decided long ago to grant a way of salvation that would leave no one left behind except by their own choice.

            I came. I lived. I taught. I died … for you.

I took on your sin and I submitted to being crucified. I paid your debt all the way to death. I was obedient to God the Father and obedience is ALWAYS rewarded.

            And then …  the history of our relationship did not end but begin.

I rose from the dead. I am in heaven standing before the Father asking that my death be counted on your account. He always says yes to me.

            So unless you turn down the offer – you are welcome in the company of saints. 

            It requires your decision … what have you decided?

            Welcome. Now remember you are new and will have some questions, will make some mistakes, will not understand everything about the company. But you will never be out of work again.

            Congratulations. Angels are rejoicing about the new hire.