Moving out of the valley… 

Ecclesiastes 3

 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”.

                        “A time to be born and a time to die,”

                        “A time to weep and a time to laugh,”

                        “A time to mourn and a time to dance,”

Three young children boarded a train together clutching their suitcases and choosing seats near each other. It was such exciting fun and their faces were wreathed in smiles as they watched the scenery, ate their lunches, and played games. They were so looking forward to their destination but they journey was captivating.

Shortly after the train rolled out of the station, a tall porter approached them. He took the hand of the youngest. Looking into the sparkling eyes of the little boy he said, “Son your stop has come and you must leave the train. But the moment you step off the train you will be met and taken to a place where dreams come true.”

The other two children watched as their friend departed and pressing their faces against the window waved with all their might until they could see him no more. Their chubby hands wiped frantically at the tears spilling from their eyes, for the children thought they would travel for a long time together and get off at the same stop.

The little boy stood on the platform for only a second before the most magnificent friend to little boys met him. Where he had been cramped on the train a little, now he stretched his legs. He met new sights and smells as he was led to a bright green pasture. The little boy was happy.

Back on the train the other two children rode for a long time exchanging their childhood for maturity. Still they missed their friend. Gradually they accepted what they could not change and began to enjoy the scenery again. After a long time, the tall porter returned and took the weathered hand of the woman to escort her to her stop.

This time of course the two friends knew that their time together was over. They held hands until the final moment when the woman stepped down to the platform. Once again the man who was left pressed his face against the window and bitter tears flowed like rivers down his aged cheeks dripping onto the seat beneath him. He bowed his head and felt his heart would break.

Some time later as the train rolled on the man left aboard remembered the fun times he had with his other two companions. A smile spread on his face and his eyes gently twinkled. He noticed the beautiful scenery again and soon ate some warm stew. He felt content.

Finally the tall porter came and nodded to the man. His stop had come. By now he needed a cane to push himself upright and the porter put his strong arm under the man’s to help him along.

“Where am I going? How will I get there?”

The old man had a moment of fear as he left the train. But as soon as his foot touched down, things changed like a kaleidoscope. Someone was there to meet him, there was singing and off in the distance … was that possible?

The One who met the old man smiled and His eyes were like fire.

“You are going to meet your friends at our Father’s house of course. Come on.”

And so the three friends lived happily ever after with many new friends.

Make sure of our destination … help each other with the stops along the way … enjoy the journey …