Memorial Day is here and as I think about all the people who laid down their lives in serving this country – I am amazed and grateful. Sacrifices made selflessly that impacted their families, their friends, and the freedoms of this country.  In remembrance, I sit still for a silent moment of thanksgiving and prayer.

The moment leads me to think about other remembrances in my own life. I am not a sentimental person and as a general rule do not keep physical things to remember special people or events. But I do remember …

I believe in the power and promise of remembrances … something to remind me of a loved one who has died, to remind me of my own “Exodus” experiences in life with God, to remind me that a sacrifice has been made for me to have life and freedom … oh yes … remembrances are necessary.

It just isn’t necessary to have “stuff” for remembrances … a quiet moment with flavor will do. Life has many flavors scattered from the bitter root to the sweet fragrance of mercy. I prefer sweet to bitter. How about you? While bitterness may be an initial flavor in mourning and suffering, it was never intended for long-term tasting.

But what of the most important remembrance ever given? Our Lord Jesus knew that He would be killed. He was willing to make that sacrifice because He knew His death would flavor an entire world with salvation … with true peace … with mercy and love. Jesus needed to be remembered, His death needed to bleed into the lives of those surrounding Him at crucifixion and on through generations until His return.

What kind of remembrance can be used for the most important moment the world has ever known? Jesus created His own before He left. It didn’t involve any piece of His clothing or special momento because it was going to have to serve an entire world for all generations. It involved an action of sharing with ordinary things representing extraordinary truth.

Given first to the disciples of Jesus and now to all of us who claim Him as our Lord:

 He spent time with His disciples – celebrating the Passover meal

He gave thanks

He shared … wine for His blood, bread for His body



A sweet flavor … a beloved Savior … sharing His life … IN REMEMBRANCE

            Today in memory of Him – let’s say thanks, share a meal, and tell of His sacrifice.