When Life Changes Course

Have you ever had a day planned in one direction only to find the day had an agenda of its own? Perhaps it was more than a day. Sometimes life veers from the straight line of our plan, hugs a curve of events, and shoves. We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Take for example the plan of a steady career; bills paid, insurance, money in the bank. Know anyone who has experienced that train derailing?
Anyone picture life with a family – but now you are single with no kids?
Pictured the single life but now you are in the midst of a screaming crowd?
Ahhh – but then the days come when the kids are grown – grandbabies, family dinners, sons, daughters, husbands rising up to call us blessed and singing our praises? Not exactly?
Taking health seriously … eating right, exercising, and life is good … suddenly you are facing sickness – maybe death.

We don’t know what is coming …
Proverbs 27:1 “…you do not know what a day may bring forth”.
James 4:13 & 14 reminds us that we shouldn’t boast about what we might do tomorrow – we don’t know what’s coming. Remember and live the phrase “If it is the Lord’s will …”
Matthew 24:42 encourages us to keep watch because we don’t know when the Lord will return.

But God does …
I Samuel 2:3 – take time to read Hannah’s entire story. It is a beautiful account of a woman who fervently prayed for a child and then turned her firstborn miracle child over to the God who answered. Her prayer of thanksgiving and praise to God includes the description: “the Lord is a God who knows”.

Psalm 139 – If we have any doubt that the Lord our God knows us and all about our days … this is the psalm that answers.

So plan for eternity … the days in between will take care of themselves. Life will never “change course” although it may surprise us on a regular basis.

How to do that?

John 3:16 Go tell it!!