When my oldest son was very young we went through a period of time that was extremely hectic. I worked long hours, we were perpetually broke and time was a fleeting commodity. So one day in a burst of determination to make things better, I promised my son we would have special time daily and it was named after him.

I broke my promise. The days seemed unmanageable – I didn’t grasp the moments and rule them but rather time seemed a roaring, impossible lion. Did my son understand? Well I imagine what he knew was the plain fact that I made a promise and did not keep it. Oh sometimes I got it right … but not always … not even regularly.

Did my breaking of the promise come from speaking in haste, making a promise I couldn’t possibly keep? Did the promise get broken because I was lazy and disorganized? Doesn’t really matter to a little guy who is looking up at mom and counting on a promise.

It’s either there or it’s not.

I’d like to tell you I learned from that experience and I’ve never broken another promise. More likely – I’m better - but still don’t always do what I say I will do. An even sadder repercussion is that I am fearful of making promises. And each time I fail to do what I say I will – I get a little more fearful of promising.

Let’s talk about God’s record on promises.
He makes a lot.
He keeps them all.
He isn’t afraid to promise even big things like eternal life and heaven.
He doesn’t forget.
He isn’t too busy.
He can manage centuries, decades, lifetimes and moments.
He never disappoints a person looking expectantly into His eyes with hope and counting on His promise.
It’s there.

PSALM 119:148 – “My eyes stay open through the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promises.”