This was a question I put to myself as I prepared to write. Because quite frankly, I’m not a believer in writer’s block … however … I felt stuck.


So I looked around.


When I get “stuck” in life it helps me to review God’s great work of creation. I never tire of the images Genesis produces and my imaginings of God at work.


As God went through the process of creation He made some broad strokes first, separating light from darkness; the waters below from those above.


He put together a way for the land to perpetuate vegetation, plants and fruits … they would bear seeds according to their kinds.


God put the environment in order. In the greatest lighting event ever done … lesser lights … a greater light … serving as signs to mark seasons, days and years. The stars were hung, the moon was assigned, the sun reigned … an order was born.


And on the fifth and sixth day, God dealt with life. Now there was an environment to receive and care for the greatest creation ever. The expanse of the sky was populated, as were the seas.


Each and every day, as God completed His work, He looked back and pronounced it “good”. No differently did the day end when the land produced living creatures at God’s commands … EXCEPT that when male and female were produced as “man” God pronounced it “very good”.


It’s crazy I know … same story … over and over as I age to pull me out of a “stuck” spot.


Never fails. Something different leaps out each time … real … eternal … useful to where I am now.


Life for me is a bit topsy-turvy at the moment. Our home is changing to a larger population and things are a bit messy. I have been sick for about ten days and a cough has wrapped itself around me refusing to let go.


So far plans of organization and medical assistance have not helped. Life just seems to be unfolding as it pleases. My workroom is piled into the middle of the house without much of any order … and I’m stuck.


So you might think that the order of God’s plan appealed to me the most this time.


Order is nice but … it was the stars.


The stars brought me around … assigned as “lesser” lights but with important duties … to be part of a team to mark days and nights … seasons … years.


But more than anything … to be the stars God made.


Whatever goes on around me … I have been assigned; created by God’s hand; called “very good” … that is where I am … how about you?